moon shadow

And! For your listening pleasure: Cat Stevens, Moonshadow. Enjoy!


What September Brings

In this month comes the night of the bright Moon.
A cool wind chases wisps of satin across His face,
and his lover clings to fading bushclover, to wait for His kiss.
In dim morning light swallows dip and soar,
courtiers of welcome for geese come home with calls of
“Now! Now is the time for clear air!”
Handle in hand, I pause to look at the western horizon.
Deep blue above crimson and gold holds the now fading day moon.
When raking leaves, breathe deep of the crushed scents. I call you to remember!
Toss handfuls of leaves in the air. Spin in delight under their typhoon of colors,
that land on graying threads to knit a scarecrow hat,
frame dim eyes hidden under folds like a woodland owl orchid.
Do you recall childhood dreams?
Where like a drifting leaf you went where the winds blew?
You were too young to understand that the Monarch calls all home.
Instead you suckled greedily on the nectar of purple aster,
surprised by the gale of October hurricanes,
birthed from the month of the night of the bright Moon.