The wind drags silken wisps across clean skies and I,
like so many before me, make
no protest, no outcry; a
perfect image of complicity, I clear
the path for days to come, I hold a cup
filled with the bitter dregs of
broken dreams and stormy sky.

I tweak clothespins to loosen the tattered garments of dreams we
dare dream, of journeys to take and songs to sing – of books we have
yet to read — and what of our unwritten stories, you say? Tales extended
over time and bound by spiderwebs between the
fractures in our hearts? We live on the edge
of what could be, what is, what was, of
fears, of fantasies, of our imperfect expectation
that united, we can stand by
and watch our brothers and sisters die, merely
for the hopeful crime of living.

The wind drags silken wisps across clean skies and I,
like so many around me, wear
ignorant disregard -- my
fear hidden beneath a veil.

Another try at a golden shovel poem, in which the would-be poet chooses a line or lines from another poem and uses each word as an end word in the new poem. The end words must be kept in order, and the original poet is credited.  I selected the following three lines from Girlfriends, by Elizabeth Woody, Oregon’s 2017 Poet Laureate:
Stanza 2/Line 2: I make a clear cup of sky
Stanza 4/Lines 2-3:  We have extended the edge of expectation by merely living
Stanza 6/Line 4: I wear my veil.



I’ll change “cling” to “clung” when all children are reunited with their parents. Taking a cruise through the news outlets leaves me with some trepidation that this will ever be fully accomplished, never mind meeting the court-ordered deadlines. For instance:
Donald Trump has no answers for the border crisis. And things are about to get worse.
CNN Friday July 6, CNN reports that at least 2000 children are still separated from their parents. And since the President’s executive order doesn’t override a 1990’s Supreme Court decision regarding length of time children can be held in immigration detention facilities, family separations could start happening again in the next few days.
For Trump Supporters, the End of Unlawful Immigration Justifies ‘Zero Tolerance’s’ Means
A key thing I remember growing up was my father’s absolute moral certainty that the ends never justified the means. In the black and white days of my childhood, that made a certain amount of sense. In the mishmash of today’s world, however, it can be tempting to find a lever, or a change agent — something, anything, that will make the political and civic system function again.
Trump Administration in Chaotic Scramble to Reunify Migrant Families
I work for state government. There’s no excuse for missing records. Everything civil servants do is a matter of public record and disclosable by law with few exceptions. All this shows is a purposeful and appalling lack of documentation, and apparently, the deliberate destruction of records and identifying information.
Immigrant Children Under 5 Will Be Returned to Parents by Next Week, U.S. Official Says 
The item that pops out from this article is the sentence in which Secretary Azar states that “the Department of Homeland Security didn’t tell the refugee agency which children were taken from parents and which came over the border unaccompanied. The agency is now reviewing the cases of all 11,800 children in its custody to determine whether they were separated from caregivers.”
When will separated families be reunited?
Indeed. When?

an apple a day

The June 1 prompt was apple. It sparked a bit of senryu for me. While I am blessed in my health insurance coverage, I hear and see too many examples of the high costs of coverage plus out-of-pocket costs, particularly for seniors on Medicare, and for folks falling between the cracks. And then I hear from my doctor about the impacts to his profession from the burgeoning administrative rules, and I wonder will we be able to fix this system? What will it take? I found an article that offers one approach to the conundrums created by the private and public insurance sectors. Check it out. Doctors Are Opting Out of Insurance.