boys will be boys

Some days, we just wake up feeling snarky. Like today. But, lucky me! I could combine three January NaHaiWriMo prompts (first tea/first calligraphy/first snow) to burn off a bit of aggression with a bit of humor. As an aside: per Lexico, a slang British term for urinate is “slash” which seemed perfectly appropriate to use.

we sip ‘til full

then step out to slash our names

in new-fallen snow

Border collie dog with perplexed expression, half-lifted ears and half-smile.

Caption Me by bambe1964 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0


reflections on balsam fir

There’s nothing I like more than hiking in the autumn; the sound of leaves crunching underfoot, the shift, movement and calls of migrating critters, and the smells. Autumn has its own fascinating, fresh smell — and it’s particularly poignant in the northeast. For years I kept a small pillow filled with balsam fir needles until the smell finally wore away for good. Over the next few months, I realized how much I missed that comforting smell. And then while hiking in the Appalachians, I found its source. With fingers crossed, I checked a local gift store for a new scented pillow, and snagged the last one. Lucky me! And then read the insert on the healing properties of balsam fir, and realized just why I had clung to that scented pillow for so many years. With great delight, I brought the new aromatic pillow home with me and breathe deeply in of its restorative grace.