Fancy free

princess, crone and fairies in a tree

Oh, but in my fancy free
I dream of being a princess fair . . .

The gauzy mists and scented air
have lulled me into slumber deep,
unbroken still, but for a kiss
that like the hummingbird in flight
comes close then arrows fast away. . .

Oh, but in my fancy free
I dream of being a princess fair . . .

My poem for the dVerse Poets Pub Sunny-side up!  


a reprise

One of my hometown’s annual traditions involves an Earth Day celebration. This community parade pleases me with how it brings together so many diverse peoples to honor Mother Earth in all her bounteous glory. And then one year, as I walked to and from the parade, I grew angry with the jam of cars and exhaust fumes, the overflowing garbage cans and litter on the street. All I could focus on was the seeming hypocrisy of this once-a-year nod to a land groaning under the weight supporting our consumption and bad habits. I wrote a longer poem which didn’t dispel my disquiet – today’s senryu reprises that earlier effort.

hand-made puppet peacock held upright on poles for a parade

grubbing for dreams

To ponder this day: what is a dream when anchored firmly? Or when rootless and wandering? Can dreams be truly realized if we dig up our tap-roots of origin and toss them aside? I think this changes over time. When we are young and straining for the “freedom from” or the “freedom to” we want nothing more than to whack off the root at its core. Aging, we perhaps want something a bit more.

just a hazy hint of colorful blossoms

saved by the bell

Opening up allows you to be caught by wind or wave, to be held so you don’t plummet or sink so quickly. Our immediate startle response in times of crisis is to tighten up, to shrink in on ourselves as adrenaline surges through our body. But, what happens when we live in a constant state of fear and we never open up? How do we learn to relax? Where do we turn? Where can we find living examples of opening in slow, graceful, trusting motion? Some study yoga, some tai chi. And where did these teachers find their inspiration?

shadowy face looking into fish tank with jellyfish