The Final Three

Day 26: 
 marriage vows failed, old words pollinate the new
our past in arrears — balance now due
Day 27:  
 twisting tree
rooted in granite
finds warm sun
Day 28
winter mists on autumn reds, she tramps between the green



A Month of Haiku: Part IV

One of the things I really appreciate about NaHaiWriMo is the excellent articles on haiku they share. Here’s a good one: Shasei: Sketch from Nature. With that in mind, here are the next three. 

******************************************************************************Day 19’s prompt was “cherry blossom” but I didn’t want to write mushy nonsense, so: 

writhing snake hisses
flushed bud wilts, wanes to grey, winks as time passes
Day 20 prompt: write something seasonal, unique or special to your area:
even in autumn
before rain and during dry
toadstools flourish
I incorporated days 21-25 prompts:
falling, leaf, human nature, the word “to” in a short haiku

A Month of Haiku: Part III

Day 12:

It’s ‘copter-wings spin
seedling leaps from twigged restraint
rooted crash digs deep
Day 13:
he is luminous
hope’s beacon, blameless and pure –
peeking through grim haze
Day 14:
the way is the way,
and both prince and pauper hop
to cricket’s lonely rhyme
Day 15:
infant grown, now cries —
tingling pain of leaking breasts
calls child home again
Day 16: 
tight grip on decaying stem drizzled rain teases talons
Day 17: 
a pearl veiled
in slow time, incandescent
hope creeping through cracks
swells and bleeds, blithely dreaming
quiet gloaming, recoils, fades
Day 18: 

A Month of Haiku: Part 2

Mostly, I’m staying on track. But, sometimes, the day gets away from me and then I play catch up. Here are the next offerings — plus this great article with some handy tips on writing haiku. Enjoy!

Day 6:
seasonal spell which we timidly seek —
green blade unfurls

Day 7:
blood red splash in crystal glass —
memory of night pales
Day 8:
thunder sets tempo
slow-step salsa, raindrop rave
frees earth’s dreaming bulbs

Day 9:

dingy cloud veils eyes
that peer into yours’ — over
crumpled burning leaves
Day 10:
one chance rift forever shattering treasure
cracked ice from edge to center
Day 11:
honor’s badge, not shame —
                                                                                           soiling hands that gently tend;
                                                                                                                birth is never clean

A Month of Haiku: Part I

Day 4

What fun! Apparently, February has a writing challenge I was not aware of — for the last seven years, even! Welcome to NaHaiWriMo —  and please note, you are no longer restricted to 5-7-5 and might even find some great resources on the art of writing haiku. In the meantime, here are my first five days’ worth. Enjoy!

Day 1:
hidden delight
no 5-7-5!
frozen mind thaws

Day 2:
firm wood cushions
buttocks well-padded
by winter’s long stare

twitching tail and
unwinking eye — 
thirst for spring’s bird

Day 3:

Inverted “V”
hands over head, young legs spread–
new readers seed awakening soil
Day 5:
while I shrink inside,
he passes by, his gloved hands
shaping ice-covered snowmen