enter imagination

where north meets west
and south meets east
and up is down
and flat is round
i stake my heart
i root in ground ~
when little is big
and young grow old
and walls fall down
and clear glass fractures
i strain to see you
you flee from capture~
when hot is cold
and wet is dry
and soft is hard
and circles line
you gather fruit
from withered vines ~
when smooth is creased
and gold turns grey
i measure time
before we rest
my fluttering heart
trapped in your breast~

Day 9 NaPoWriMo called for  bringing something big and small together.


3 thoughts on “enter imagination

  1. All the opposites are just wonderful. I especially love this bit,
    i measure time
    before we rest
    by fluttering wings
    trapped in your breast

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