april showers

forest trail

Hurried steps on tree-lined path
no cold can pierce her heart.
Hail and wind, they touch her not:
“April showers bring May flowers,”
she cheerily calls to passersby.

Hurried steps on tree-lined path
the cold won’t pierce his heart.
Hail-fed wind spits up her cliché:
“Good luck with that fantasy,”
he scowls and stomps his booted feet.

Hurried steps on tree-lined path
my heart be silent and still.
Ice pellets bounce off sodden cheeks:
“April showers bring May flowers,”
I recite my hope silently.

Today’s challenge for NaPoWriMo was to play with voice, the “mysterious self who sometimes speaks in your poems.”

7 thoughts on “april showers

  1. Wow you really managed to capture the prompt with the different voices, me I’m still trying to think something up LOL but it will be my day 3 poem as I used the earlybird as day 1 Happy Writing

    1. Thank you! It was a tough one — I’m not sure how I approached it sits well with me, but onward and upward! Good luck — I look forward to seeing how you tackle this prompt!

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