Spring Has Sprung

And just how do I know when that blessed thing called spring

has finally sprung?


Cat-hair drifting --

not unlike flower petals

shaken from trees by a last-minute

hiss of winter’s disbelief

Mother Nature is having her way!

Cat-hair, I say!

A wee bit here

and a wee bit there,

chased by the vacuum cleaner

with a roar and sucking air.

Or, consider the pollen --

gold flecks scattering hither and yon

to gently land on mist-covered surface

baked into permanence

and staking their claim

to impetuously

seed the next year’s spring.


Cast your disbelieving eyes on

my swollen nose,


by constant application

of the softest Kleenex known to mankind.

Ah! In the final analysis,

spring’s promise is always heralded

by allergy-laden bliss.

I see you, too, are a believer.

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