There is no letting go

one musty, mildewed box and then another

are pulled from rafters high above

they land with definitive thuds

dust clouds disguise desire for home

with trembling hands he unpacks meaning

carefully layered in its tissue of lies

as the bones of early days

rattle in time to his failing mantras

of why and how not

what need has he of people

when around him still dwell

souls whom others claim are since long-gone?



6 thoughts on “There is no letting go

  1. I could just see that lad, peeking into box after box. I smiled with this line, “dust clouds disguise desire for home. I do that every now and then too, I’ve some that haven’t been opened since 1999. Sure wouldn’t need what ever is in those boxes. But it’s fun to peek into the boxes.
    Thank you for peeking into my blog and for leaving your nice comment. Please come back real soon. 🙂
    (BTW, I collect boxes also. I have way too many but most always I can find a box from my collection that will fit my need.)

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