According to the maharishi

What’s a lass to do with not enough hours in the day

not enough days in the week, too few weeks in the year

and all round her live people

who are half-crazed

and grumpy with fear?

According to a maharishi, we should . . .  

Kiss a goat while our noses loiter above our feet.

“Past time,” some say, to gauge the weight

of a world tipped too far to the dark;

the skewing of balance and poise now complete

by the burden of woe, the load of hot tears

the drain of anxiety, the crush of the years.

With one voice the people cry out,

“What can we do, where’s our escape?”

According to a maharishi, they should . . . 

Kiss a goat while their noses loiter above their feet.

It’s puzzling to think that the search for inner peace

can be rammed into being by external distractions

when an outward focus

has been the problem all along.

What hope can there possibly be?

According to a maharishi, to find amity, we can . . . 

Kiss a goat while our noses loiter above our feet.


Inspired by this improbable story: Goat Yoga Craze.
Selected as the featured poem for NaPoWriMo Day 12.

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