Where I feel you most

On certain days, I squeeze my eyes



oh, so very tightly

and ignore the creeping fingers

that plunge heartlessly into reeking mud

to pull forth deep-rooted stories I try not to tell.

On other days, I squint my eyes



now three-quarters blind

two narrow slits hiding behind

ancient helm of my doubt, my disbelief, and

recall all too well what our stories tried to tell me.

On a few precious days, my eyes open wide, from

full . . . to

exposed . . . to

oddly vulnerable

with the brief uncluttering of an

unrestricted heart, and I wheeze in relief

for the freedom forgiveness brings to you and to me.


4 thoughts on “Where I feel you most

  1. You saved the best line for last. For me, forgiving is not hard, yet not easy. Easy because I generally don't carry grudges. Thank you for peeking in on Henry. Also thanks for your nice comment.

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