A Month of Haiku: Part III

Day 12:

It’s ‘copter-wings spin
seedling leaps from twigged restraint
rooted crash digs deep
Day 13:
he is luminous
hope’s beacon, blameless and pure –
peeking through grim haze
Day 14:
the way is the way,
and both prince and pauper hop
to cricket’s lonely rhyme
Day 15:
infant grown, now cries —
tingling pain of leaking breasts
calls child home again
Day 16: 
tight grip on decaying stem drizzled rain teases talons
Day 17: 
a pearl veiled
in slow time, incandescent
hope creeping through cracks
swells and bleeds, blithely dreaming
quiet gloaming, recoils, fades
Day 18: