A Month of Haiku: Part 2

Mostly, I’m staying on track. But, sometimes, the day gets away from me and then I play catch up. Here are the next offerings — plus this great article with some handy tips on writing haiku. Enjoy!

Day 6:
seasonal spell which we timidly seek —
green blade unfurls

Day 7:
blood red splash in crystal glass —
memory of night pales
Day 8:
thunder sets tempo
slow-step salsa, raindrop rave
frees earth’s dreaming bulbs

Day 9:

dingy cloud veils eyes
that peer into yours’ — over
crumpled burning leaves
Day 10:
one chance rift forever shattering treasure
cracked ice from edge to center
Day 11:
honor’s badge, not shame —
                                                                                           soiling hands that gently tend;
                                                                                                                birth is never clean