A Month of Haiku: Part I

Day 4

What fun! Apparently, February has a writing challenge I was not aware of — for the last seven years, even! Welcome to NaHaiWriMo —  and please note, you are no longer restricted to 5-7-5 and might even find some great resources on the art of writing haiku. In the meantime, here are my first five days’ worth. Enjoy!

Day 1:
hidden delight
no 5-7-5!
frozen mind thaws

Day 2:
firm wood cushions
buttocks well-padded
by winter’s long stare

twitching tail and
unwinking eye — 
thirst for spring’s bird

Day 3:

Inverted “V”
hands over head, young legs spread–
new readers seed awakening soil
Day 5:
while I shrink inside,
he passes by, his gloved hands
shaping ice-covered snowmen