Broken Mirror

Today’s prompt invited us to go back to the “like me/not like me” characters and focus on dialogue. So, here’s one more snippet of the mirror series. Enjoy.
“Mother . . . mother . . . mother?”
“Really, Luellen. Once is enough. And then wait to be acknowledged. How many times must I tell you, once and wait. Repeat it after me . . . re-peat-it-af-ter-me!”
“OW! . . . Once and wait . . . once and wait . . . once and wait . . . aieee.”
“Stop that dreadful sniveling. I don’t wish to hear it.”
“Yes, mother.”
“Do you hear that, Luellen?”
“No, mother.”
“Exactly. Now, finish your breakfast. We have much to do today.”
“Yes, mother.”
“Mother. Why is Rayanna serving us breakfast?”
“I don’t know to whom you’re referring, Luellen.”
“Her, mother! Right there! Taking your plate. Rayanna. Can’t you see her?”
“I will tell you this exactly once, Luellen, so listen closely. You no longer have a sister. She is dead to us, do you understand me? Dead. Never speak her name again . . . and wipe your eyes. It’s nothing to cry about.”
“Ye-ee-s, mo-mo-mother . . .”
“There’s my good daughter. Now, finish your breakfast. The maid is waiting to clear the table.”