In the Equation of Time

Adding, subtracting from true solar blessing
a wandering hour dial teaches truth: watched clocks never chime.
Met in dim evening hours under rising lunettes,
hidden embraces exchanged, poised far above
on a barren verge
looking over a landscape
littered by your adjustable potence.
Sharing yourself with abandoned glee, no balance spring controls your efforts.
I joined your wild ride,
tossed aside dust-cap, no longer caring to hide
the binding of movement,
the joining.
A pair-case left plain, in odd reversal
from the usual exterior, the interior left blind to repeated alarums.
Only muted pique secures the stumbling feet, fumbling to pivot and forget the 
Half-remember’d dream, the gadrooning yet in the grey.
Day 17: NaPoWriMo challenge for the day – write a poem using at least ten words from a specialized dictionary. I chose the online dictionary offered by Watch-Collector’s Paradise. Enjoy!