Double the Fun

Day 15: A silly attempt at NaPoWriMo’s daily prompt . . . which, for today, is to write in pairs or to use doubling . . . well, not my best effort, nor yet particularly clever, but it’s what I got. 

When challenged to write using pairs
I promptly sliced up two pears,
with fruit juices dripping, wandering wooden piers
searching here, peering there, and sobbing in bitter despair.
I trembled with horror and fear,
for with no alehouse near,
my words would be dammed up, a swampy still-life
of manure, petty and trite.
A wizened crab-fishing crone,
beckoned me stand near her hand;
observing my moil, my thoughts in their coil,
she told me a story
of a grizzled old bear
and his taunted prey
who ran and ran and ran ever away,
never escaping his terrible fate
‘till he bared his soul in stained glass transparency.
Surely, an argument to pray?