Crack open the cookie

Be thankful, even if your life is not perfect.
Well, there’s a subtle piece of advice…
I’m alive
I’m breathing
I can taste, hear, smell and see.
The evidence of my senses daily tutors me
that life brings no more than these minimalist bones
draped in a tattered winding sheet
of youthful hopes, dreams and fears.
You might want to run, but you should stay and fight. 
If this is wisdom, then
no wonder
the world suffers.
Groaning under expectation
of submission to abrupt commission
of forceful persuasion.
Violence begets only violence,
leads to shed tears.
Respect your elders. You could inherit a large sum of money.
Nothing in this world is ever, ever
A youngling, I
scoffed and turned away.
A new parent, I
counted pennies, saved for rainy days.
It was never enough.
In empty nest time, I
ponder the options for who to invest with the material results
with which I’ve been blest.