Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

Day 5 of NaPoWriMo challenged us to write write a poem taking inspiration from, or incorporating the name of a garden rarity. Perhaps not quite what was envisioned, but the name of the catalog Southern Exposure Seed Exchange got me started. I’ll have to circle back around and spend more time on this one — after the work day is done. 🙂


My childhood warrior, protector of peace . . .
my pin-feathered dove grew into his dreams.
I never fancied these dreams
Would become reality . . .
You took my boy from me, returned him “a man.”
No longer unformed clay,
an amorphous lump
rolling merrily along
and popping back in
with each little bump.
Is he home? Is he gone?
Can I clean that room out?
Where’s his laughter? His scowl?
It’s too quiet in this house.
My childhood warrior, stern defender of justice,

My pin-feathered dove, now hawk-machine mender.