Grad school and poetry — the two just don’t mix!

My word! Grad school projects ate a huge chunk of time out of my writing schedule this month. I am hoping before April 30th to go back and at least cherry-pick 2-3 NaPoWriMo prompts I’d like to try my hand at, but in the meantime, these limericks fell out of a textbook where I tucked them after writing them a bit after St. Patrick’s Day. Enjoy!

There was a fair maid from Lacey
she drove all the young boys so crazy
she’d wiggle and grin
toss her hair and her chin
and kiss her girlfriend, Stacey.
There once was a saint called Patrick
he had a few fears in his attic
they slithered and hissed
’till the poor man got pissed
and drove them off in a panic.

Let me know what you think!

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