National Poetry Writing Month 2015: Let the Fun Begin!

NaPoWriMo is back! Every year, 30 glorious days of trying one’s hand at poetry. Let the creative juices flow . . . . Day one is a poem of negation – describing something in terms of what it is not. Without further ado. *drum roll*

What It Is Not!
It is not brick walls built one by one
With blood-based, bone crushing mortar.
It is not dead trees stripped bare and replanted
With hemp lashed together.
It is not narrow slits in well-dressed stone,
flickering light dancing
from which
feathered darts
From eye to eye. From hand to head.
It is not a curtain wall glimmering In the setting of the sun,
or the rising of a round harvest moon.
It is not still-life guards, faces turned outward,
Hearts and mind in:
stern and guarded
hidden life harbored,
“Halt! who desires entry within?”