The final offerings

Book VI, v. 22
Meditating on the Wisdom of Marcus’ Way
I do my duty
life’s tasks strewn haphazardly
along cobblestone paths
sweetly beckon sore feet
creased in leather sandals
they cut deep
Other things do not trouble me
simplicity’s siren song deadens desires
once fed with pixie dust and clapping hands.
For they are either without life or reason
a child’s guideposts
leads only to way stations
glittering in diamond ice and empty hallows
or have rambled
where now are the cobblestones of blessed surety?
and lost their way
the minotaur’s claws
now grasping
unreasonable dreams
And how shall I tell you of the jewel
We laid to rest today?
A diamond in the rough
Her sparkling edges
Demand attention
Unabashed and filled with joy.
It’s a curious thing
to consider
the depth and height and width
she brought to her world
to people every day
all around her.
How little I knew. . .
and regret fills me for the impatient need
to push through each day’s deeds
not realizing
that the most important deed of any day
is the attention, the time, the care, the concern
we give to one another.
The jewel teaches
Even when the shine has died.

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