The Challenge of a Tree

If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree. ~Jim Rohn
Thank you, Jim,
for that piece of thinking. You are so
very correct – I am not a tree! But, oh how I wished,
dreamed, tried – in days now long gone
Standing still while sun’s warmth creeps over my shoulder – feet
loosely held by tattered sneakers: wriggling out, one by one, settling on
spring’s thawing permafrosted ground.
Draw in deep breaths, let eyes flutter close: open only to what’s inside.
Bird song chatters — never mind: trapped, you cry for escape. Freedom comes,
but not without price. Fresh blades of grass sinking long, sturdy roots of bound energy
ever down,
deep in the ground: rooted, solid, long lost stability. Raise arms to the sky in homage, benediction,  let the wind guide you as it would any leaf — leave control to the sky, just sway in the breeze
the breeze
trust the firm solidity of packed earth below, grass tickling your feet, sky overhead, sun’s gentle heat
trust inner knowing that change grows in time, ring by slow ring, imperceptibly, as taught by the tree



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