The Sun Cheaters of Hope

A brazen flash mob was caught

on camera storming a California store

making off with 200 million dollars’ worth of hope.

In the absence of charitable inclination

hope was dispensed, disposable salvation.


Some lawbreakers wear hope

At the time they commit their crime

hiding their need, their greed,

hiding their identity.


Once vintage in kind,

now mass produced and clumsily designed,

hope is a cheat, blinding the inner eye.

Hope fails to outline in clarity, that

the cost of suffering does not produce quality.


Does your hope wear broad temple arms?

Do leather blinders bind your fear?

Does your hope prevent infection

By reality’s guided intentions?


There has been some speculation

that using hope to hide the abnormality,

the inner impairment, the broken dream

provokes the onset of cancerous grief.


Hiding behind hope

doesn’t increase others’ comfort.

It just creates

an intimidating disguise

against those not wearing hope,

against those fearing to die.


Mirrored hope

hides the tiny tells

a definite advantage

in the high-stakes

game of life.


Look! A quality test

for hope is its fit,

so hire a tailor to

weave your vest.


Designer hope

vintage inspired hope,

hope woven with threads

of garish reality

strands of fear

shards of dreams

contrast in color,

in dust,

in dim memory.

Hope, sweetened

by the passage of time.


Wrap your cloak of invisibility around you like armor

Fade into the night, and join with that envied flash mob of desire.