Fish 1 & Fish 2

Fish 1 and Fish 2
neither red or blue
have now come to live in my zoo.
One frilly black bulgie-eyed
t’other streamlined, orange and white-striped
they shimmer and slip coyly in trips
’round a tank holding their world.
A long-term friend
four-footed and curious
sits on a stool and stares.
Tail and nose twitching
against the tank wall;
Zorro gives little starts backward
as Fish 1 and Fish 2
return his stare
floating in the tank’s corner.
Along with the cat and new fish
a young man has spread his artifacts
‘cross kitchen, living room and hall.
I wend my way ’round
computers and phones, their cords and their pads,
books and CDs, half-eaten apples, Doritos, empty soda cans!
It’s a trail that never ends!
His snores gently echo
from the room where he slumbers;
And I know these proofs are important reminders
of a child’s precious existence — made all the more affirming
while the coffeemaker gurgles and drips
in solemn counterpoint
to the perpetual radio droning
of one tale of woe and another of fear . . .
Fish swimming, cat spinning
to catch his tail,
a young man’s belongings freely scattered
are vivid reminders that life carries on . . .
Another morning begins.