Chores, limits, and clear expectations for behavior give children the chance to practice valuable skills and grow into competent, responsible adults who know that they are worthwhile and valuable.

Children that do not get these chances build internal messages of worthlessness and uselessness.

When parents stand firm on chores, limits, and behaviors, there can be conflict. All parents and children experience conflict to some degree – it’s natural.

What it means is that the parent loves the child enough to sit with the short-term discomfort of conflict for the positive long-term result:
a child growing into a competent, responsible, happy adult.

Some Things That Are Valued and Adhered To In This Home

Doing chores teaches life skills, work ethics, and time-management. It gives people a sense of usefulness, belonging, and importance.

Being truthful about what you think, feel, do, or plan to do is critical to happy, healthy relationships.

Doing what you say you will do – following through – helps people trust each other and succeed in meeting goals and reaching dreams.

Learning is life-long. Graduating from high school and continuing on to the Peace Corps, trade school, college, or military is also key in meeting goals.

Being a part of a faith community gives lots of chances to practice skills, build relationships, and form internal beliefs about how we fit in this world.

Community Service
Caring for the people and places that form the community we live in help us feel connected and follow through on what is important to us by making a difference.

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