Where Beauty Grows

Rock gardens are fascinating — particularly wild rock gardens.

The discovery of vivid color and delicate scents within rocky creches pleases me no-end on day hikes.

This treasure was found as Nathan and I scrambled up the Comet Falls trail in Mt. Rainier in early August. He was practicing for his upcoming big hike, and like a billy goat bounded up and over rocks despite the twenty pounds or so on his back, returning every so often to help his slower-going mother over a particularly big stepping stone.

And patiently waiting for me to “oooh” and “ahhh” and otherwise exclaim over and admire the unfolding beauty of this glorious world we live in.

Hopefully, he hasn’t caught on yet to how some of that admiration is built-in R&R time . . . *grin*

Keeping up with the young man on the trail is getting tough!

But, ohhh — so worth it!


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