Drum Roll . . . . And Morality Is . . . ?

I came across these ideas in Mary Pipher’s book, The Shelter of Each Other: Rebuilding Our Families and they really stuck with me:

” . . . morality is not the property of any one political party, race, religious group or segment of the population . . . morality refers not only to sex and violence but also the use of power, time and money. Broadly defined, morality is about making decent and wise choices about how to be in the universe. It implies purposeful action for the common good.”

As I welcome my teen into the next stages of growing up, these are ideas I want him to think about as he makes choices about the world he moves and lives in. I don’t want him captured by any idealogue. I want him to think for himself and take the space and time to move along the paths that do contribute to the common good.

I wonder though about the world in general, and how this does or does not play out. What I hear on radio, see in the limited TV I watch, read in magazines or on-line, tells me that people — with rare exceptions — really don’t make choices based on any good other than their own personal good.

And I look back on choices I have made in 40 years of life and wonder how many times I may or may not have made choices that benefitted a greater good, not just met my needs or ego.

It’s a kind-of uncomfortable think to think about, y’know . . .

One thought on “Drum Roll . . . . And Morality Is . . . ?

  1. It's a litle scary that we are both thinking the same thing right now. Sara has moved out, and I'm wondering what to do with myself. And realizing how far reaching my choices are. Sigh, when does being a grownup get to be fun like we thought it was at 16? Love you, keep thinking, and doing, uncomfortable or not.

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