First Time’s the Charm

I suppose that’s what children are for . . . teen-age children. To not only expand their personal horizons, but also their parent’s life experiences. In the space of a little less than a week, I am become a Facebook member and a “blogger” — heavens to betsy! What’s next?

Don’t ask, you say? All right, I won’t. Except I already have a clue. Oh yes, the dreaded (albeit for one person eagerly anticipated) learner’s permit. I suppose it’s time to invest in an automatic transmission, rather than the manual clutch and shift.

How did this happen already? Just yesterday he was taking his first steps. And now he wants to drive?

Yoga. More yoga. Elephant walk. Deep breathing. Cat-cow stretches. More deep breathing. I am assured on a weekly basis that the ONLY requirement is to breathe. Deeply.

Well, that’s mostly do-able.

I suppose I’ll head and off and do it.

Go ahead — you try it. You know, open your mouth and slowly, ever so slowly breathe in air all the way down past your stomach. Fill your abdomen and lungs ever so slowly with air. Keep going. That’s right. A good long breath. Now slowly release it. Squeeze your belly in tight. Tighten all your abdomen muscles. Now Relax. Good. Do that a couple more times.

Do you remember that miraculous first breath and cry as they laid the precious gift on your belly, while still connected by the cord? You know, the one that you practiced breathing for in the first place? Those lessons come in very handy through the teen years. So, haul out those Lamaze books and get back in shape.

Let the breathing commence. And the living continue. Amen.

2 thoughts on “First Time’s the Charm

  1. Yes, I’m still alive, and happy to see you blogging! I promise an email soon, but welcome to the interwebs my friend, welcome. Love you!

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