The joke is on me . . .

shadow of person and red backpack

Sometimes, you just have to laugh looking back at decision points and paths taken — or worse, not taken. Life’s a game, when all is said and done. Sometimes you win and others you lose. Attitude counts. I like to experiment with senryu to capture life’s little ironies. It allows a certain amount of head-shaking and finger-pointing without going into a maudlin diatribe. It frees some space for that best of all medicines — laughter.


pie fest

variety of pieces of pies on plates

Tomorrow offers a tasty treat and a chance to support some important community organizations here in my neck of the woods: Pie Fest 2018, a community event and fundraiser organized by the Olympia Bakers Guild.    All pies must be made by scratch; once the judges have tasted contest entries, the remaining slices or whole pies are sold. All proceeds are earmarked for the Thurston County Food Bank and the Senior Nutrition Program. If you’re in the neighborhood tomorrow afternoon, come taste some pie!

But on a serious note: the issue this event is focused on is critically important. Food insecurity doesn’t just happen. There are deep, ingrained systemic reasons underlying hunger. No one “cause” is to blame — and no one “solution” will fix the problem. In Thurston County, the South Sound Food System Network is bringing together many organizations to focus on the local food system and local need. Once you’ve found your favorite piece of pie, remember to take a few minutes to visit the SSFS Network. And learn how you can make a difference!

anniversary wine

hand sliding on wedding ring

Another two-fer today. The NaHaiWriMo prompts called for “appetizers” on February 21 and “the first frost” on February 22. What to do with that? Hmmmm . . . Successful marriages that last over time, the dry spells and chilly eras, to emerge back into the sunshine intrigue me: I have heard of such marriages referred to as a fine wine. So, here’s a little nod to the the Wine Folly’s review of celebratory beverages for each stage of the marriage. Sláinte!

p.o.t.u.s. day promenade

pink flower among rocks and sand

No haiku today. Yesterday, I wandered along Burfoot Park beach during low tide with a friend. The air was crisp, and the sun shimmered across Budd Inlet. As we wandered along, we found someone had left a flower path for others to follow. I love unexpected finds like this! They challenge one’s mind and spirit to find connections and create stories — why is this here? What does it mean? Would could it mean? Does the brilliantly colored bloom amid pebbles, rocks and sand speak of hope and growth? Does it tell the story that beauty and grace will always be found, even — and perhaps especially — in the most unexpected places? What does it speak to your soul?

rub-a-dub-scrub and be free!

empty clothespin on a clothesline

Today’s NaHaiWriMo effort combined two prompts: obi sash and the rub-a-dub of a washboard. Minds work in odd ways, do they not? After looking at a few pictures of an obi-sash, the old western style corset kept coming to mind. And I wondered: how much of woman’s fashion — regardless of culture — is designed to bind? And to bind what? And what would it take to be free? Perhaps a washboard, some tenacity, and a hawk circling above?

Rain Dance Whim

two lane road in the desert with storm clouds overhead

On some days, and at certain times, I have a fondness for back road adventures. Yes! Let’s go off the beaten path. Let’s take that narrow, winding lane that others bypass. And then there are times I stubbornly take the lane others shy away from . . . this time it will be different, I say to myself. This time, dreams come true. This time . . . this time . . . this time. Note to self: Shut up and drive.

you say taffy, i say toffee

The NaHaiWriMo prompt for February 14 was pulling taffy. Oh, the irony! Which I was unable to resist. However, with a little judicious searching, past trivia and word usage origin came to light, which seemed worth mentioning, so feel free to check out the warrellcorp blog. They offer a brief glimpse into the 19th century history of taffy pulls with the added bonus of recipes and directions for those so inclined to host their own taffy pull party. Enjoy!

hands pulling taffy

hot flash

palm trees in bright yellow sun

It’s a woman thing — and as far as I can tell, different for each woman. But, that’s half the adventure, right? Learning by trial and error? Weighing the trade-offs? I’ve decided fans are handy things — the more the merrier. Dressing in layers has never been so fashionable. All things in moderation, including wine and chocolate. Take the time to learn what works for you. Find your balance!  You’re worth it!