reprise . . .

Felines and fungi — an unlikely combination, yes? Not so! Ellen King Rice is shepherding a “community of vibrant learners in the arts of word-smithing and mycology.” Folks living in the South Sound can visit her blog and take their minds off the relentless January rain. After a bit of escapism, they could choose to donate to Feline Friends, a local organization dedicated to caring for cats and kittens.


boys will be boys

Some days, we just wake up feeling snarky. Like today. But, lucky me! I could combine three January NaHaiWriMo prompts (first tea/first calligraphy/first snow) to burn off a bit of aggression with a bit of humor. As an aside: per Lexico, a slang British term for urinate is “slash” which seemed perfectly appropriate to use.

we sip ‘til full

then step out to slash our names

in new-fallen snow

Border collie dog with perplexed expression, half-lifted ears and half-smile.

Caption Me by bambe1964 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0


desert rains


Our two-year-old
tells us “wait one minute”
in a fit of
gritted teeth and crocodile tears
caught between the “already” but “not yet”
we wait on desert rains
to ready seed
to ripen fruit
for the world
as it will one day be
ripe with
creative hope
patient hope
explode into gardens.
Brought to you by James 5:7-10 and the Jake Edwards’ Commentary.